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These are just some of our clients that have used the services of XMHRA Consultants Ltd 

Interested in getting advice from a team of ex-MHRA Inspectors? Call us today to see what we can do for you.


Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

We work with clients, providing exceptional consulting services that are catered specifically to their needs. Take a look below at the services we offer and get in touch to achieve immediate results.


Whether you are an experienced wholesaler or starting off a fresh pair of eyes can always help to highlight areas of weakness or non-compliance. We can offer a genuine GDP inspection experience to help prepare your business for the real inspection. Poor compliance can potentially have a big impact on your business so it is important to be able to demonstrate compliance. Our audit service can be extended to include existing and potentially new third party service providers. Whichever type of service you need we can work with you to find a solution. 

Finance Consultancy


Drawing on the vast experience of the consultants we can offer a Gold standard training service for RP's in wholesale operations which can be tailored to analyze, confront, and solve your business needs. Whether it is specific RP Training, refresher training for person(s) involved in wholesale activities we are able to offer customized solution to all of our clients. Contact us to find out how we can help today.


We offer a complete suite of services to help our clients meet the regulatory standards and compliance to the latest GDP guidelines. We offer advice that is bespoke and tailored to your size and trading style which may include a combination or all of the following services:

  1. Development and implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS)

  2. Initial WDA application.

  3. Assessment of storage and premises.

  4. Conducting Mapping Activities.

  5. GDP and RP Training.

  6. Pre-inspection Audits. 


The above list is not exhaustive. If you are ready to work with us, or would like to discuss in further detail about how we can help you and your organisation please contact us for a free initial telephone consultation.

Implementation Planning
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